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Full-length DVD "Cozumel" - by Adolfo Mendez Santoyo.
Total length: 55 min.

Enjoy a fabulous journey through the second largest barrier reef in the world and explore its extraordinary biodiversity. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase one today.

Full-length DVD “Tiburon Ballena” by Jose Luis Larios Ruiz
Total length: 30 MIN.
Cost: $25 USD

Learn about the biggest fish on earth: the whale shark. Amazing shots portraying its behavior. More than 50 different whale sharks of different sizes filmed in a secret place in the Caribbean. This film is only available directly through this website.

Show your passion for the underwater world by wearing one of our unique collection of silver pendants - all made with .950 silver. All the designs are original pieces made by one of our videographers, Pepe Larios, inspired by the beautiful marine life from the island of Cozumel, Mèxico.

Hawksbill sea turtle (3cm X 2.3cm) $20USD

Spotted eagle ray (3cm X 3cm) $20USD

Juvenile drum fish (2.5cm X 2.8cm) $15USD

Nurse shark (4.5cm X 2cm) $20USD

Sea horse (4cm X 2cm) 20USD

Bottled nose dolphin (3.3cm X 1cm) $20USD

Sand dollar (2cm X 2.5cm) $15USD

Double tanks (1.9cm x 1.3cm) $15USD

Seashell (3cm x 1.5 cm) $15USD

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